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Why Are We In Existence

Why are we in Existence?

Brand new cast iron baths have in essence become at first glance become a commodity product.

What do we mean by a commodity product?

A commodity product is an item/service that has such little physical difference between one alternative and the next that objective differentiation is almost impossible, when this occurs the usual method of differentiation becomes price, the risk of buying the cheaper alternative is minimal as in essence it is usually the same product as the most expensive, but branded differently.

A good example of a commodity product would be the common screw, or a tin of baked beans.

In the situation you are probably in at the moment the decision has more than likely been made to purchase a brand new free standing vitreous enamel bath , historically you would probably now enter into a price evaluation search and more than likely as long as the retail staff satisfy all serviceability aspects of their proposition, the retailer who offers the most competitive price will probably win the business.

With the evolution of technology and buying acceptance a new retail channel emerged, a retailer that is not forced to inflate retail prices in order to absorb retail property costs, and retail assistants wage packets.

On line retailers have over the last 12 years on line retailers also from on line only store fronts that sell anything and everything, with no tangible store to view products for sale to a few specialist on line retailers who also have reverse chain grown into on line retailers with physical retail stores that display products advertised on their web site, allowing tangible inspection of an online proposition. is proudly an Australian based web retailer that has distribution centres in every state of Australia and retail stores in Queensland, Melbourne and Perth, and bath manufacturing facilities in Brisbane Queensland.

We have been producing and distributing brand new cast iron baths nationally for over 16 years and are unlike other on line retailers responsible for all levels of production allowing us to customize your bath to whatever external you require supported on whatever style and colour of feet you desire.

Our production process is meticulous and is bench marked with luxury car painting techniques to ensure not only a beautiful bath is produced but one that will last for many years to come.

We hope you find the site easy to use and if you would like to contact us with any questions about any products we are able to supply, please do so on the below e-mail address and we will endeavor to answer your question within 24 hours or contact us directly on 1800 111 566

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