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Installing A Claw Foot Bath

Installation & Caring for your new bath Generally a qualified plumber is used to install your new cast iron bath, we would also recommend this as they are trained professional installers and can potentially save time and avoid unforeseen installation issues. It may also be a requirement of your local council if a plumbing inspectors certificate for submission to council upon completion of your renovation, please check with your local council to see if this is a requirement prior to commencing any install.

Before starting any install it is important to check with a spirit level that your floor is level and not slanting away form the drain position as any adverse slant will interfere with the baths ability to drain bathing water. free standing baths are simplistic baths to install as they simply require that a 40mm female adapter is left exposed at the relevant location, for details of where to position your 40 mm female waste connection please see our technical information section.

Once the bath is in position screw-tighten the female 40mm connection to the 40 mm male threaded waste that is included with every bath.

When installing a built in cast iron bath it is important to check that he female 40mm waste connection is in the correct position, it would also be usual for a cabinet to have been constructed that will support the bath. Any cabinet that has been made to accommodate a bolt in bath should have the ability to be opened from the side so that final connection to the waste can be achieved and future serviceability is possible.

Once you are satisfied that the waste positioning is correct, the structural stability of your cabinet is sound and that there is the ability to open up the side to connect the waste, lower the bath into position and connect the waste.

Once the bath is connected, the edges should be sealed with a plumbing sealant such as silicon, to ensure that water over spill does not seep into the bath cabinet, we would we would always recommend the consultation of a qualified plumber or builder to ensure that you are complying to any local regulations.

When cleaning your bath only use warm soapy water applied using a soft sponge/cloth, other cleaning products such as house hold detergents will not effect the enamel however may reduce the high lustre associated with the high glaze on the internal bath enamel.

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