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Taking Receipt Of Your Cast Iron Bath

Taking receipt of your bath When your bath is delivered you will need no doubt be excited to see the beauty of your newly acquired cast iron bath , please make sure the following steps are followed before moving your bath inside, this will help in the unlikely event of damage occurring to your product in transportation.

Before signing for your bath visually inspect the packaging for any sign of damage, only when you are satisfied that the integrity of the packaging is in tact sign for your bath. It is important that any visual damage noticed upon receipt should be recorded on the documentation provided by the transportation company.

In the unlikely event of the bath being delivered with serious damage under no circumstances sign for the goods, and they will be returned to distribution depot and a replacement will be sent out immediately. It is important at this stage to also notify customer service on 1800 111 566 of the uncompleted delivery

When moving your bath for unpacking takes care not to drag, tip or drop it. Using a pair of scissors carefully remove the packaging, avoid using sharp blades or knives as this can cause scratching to occur.

In the unlikely event that you have discovered an imperfection the following steps must be followed.

1) Any damage must be reported in writing within 24 hours of signed receipt of bath, we can not be held responsible for any damage that is reported outside of this period.

2) Photos of any damage must be sent by e-mail to so that we can substantiate any damage claim, and determine the most efficient and best method of rectification.

Cast Iron baths has many years experience with claw foot baths and as such can determine very quickly what is surface cosmetic damage that can often be cleaned and what is fundamentally a damaged product.

In all cases reports of damage are handles with respect and a resolution will be implemented swiftly.

Please Note:

1) The bath must not have been transported to any other address. by a third party after signed receipt

2) The bath must not have been moved to any other location inside the house before checking your product, as we are not responsible for any damage that may occur to your bath during internal maneuvering of your new cast iron bath.

3) The product must not have been interfered with in any other way by any receiving party 4) Your bath should be checked prior to moving it inside your home, as any damage reported thereafter will be deemed to have occurred at the hands of a third party after signed receipt.

5) If the bath has received irreparable damage during transportation the bath will be collected and replaced with a new bath

6) Due to the extremely high quality of the exterior, if the bath has markings to the exterior paint work, it is likely that these can be polished out, this can be determined by viewing the photos that must be sent through prior to any claim being upheld.

7) It is possible that the feet will have loosened as a result of vibration in transportation, before moving the bath you should check the tightness of the nuts on the feet and if necessary re-tighten to a satisfactory tautness ensuring stability whilst transporting into final position.

Once you have checked your bath all that remain is to install and enjoy your first long luxurious bathing.

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