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Vitreous Enamel Process

Vitreous Enamel Process

Vitreous enamel has been applied to the inside of claw foot baths since the early 1900’s, and remains the hardest wearing way to achieve a lustrous glass like internal protective coating.

The vitreous enamel is applied to the casting when it is in a red hot state, with great care being placed on evenly distributing the powder over the inside, ensuring that an evenly melted flow is achieved, it is as a result of this unique application process that every cast iron bath is different as two vitreous enamel applications will never be the same.

In old baths vitreous enamel undulations would be more noticeable than in today’s new claw foot baths as manufacturing techniques have been refined to allow for a more consistent application from one bath to the next. It is still possible upon close inspection or certain light refractions to see the small egg shell like ripples that have been formed as the enamel has melted into the casting. Vitreous enamel therefore fulfills two important requirements by being beautifully hard wearing yet consistently unique in every application.

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