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Claw foot bath Casting Process

Claw Foot Bath Casting Process

Cast Iron Bath castings are made through a process known as permanent mould casting. This process of casting ensures high quality consistency is achieved within large volume production runs, which allows to deliver high quality consistency time after time.

Every mould comprises two parts which will typically be heated to between 150 and 200 degrees Celsius prior to metal pouring commencing.

Once the mould is at temperature molten cast iron is poured through a gate entrance located at what will form the underside of the bath casting, the metal soon cools from its molten state within the mould and forms into a newly produced cast iron bath casting.

The casting is then removed, kept at temperature and transported to the enamelling plant where by any dags and injection points are ground off the casting, this preparation before enamelling is essential to ensure that the internal surface which vitreous enamel will be applied to is smooth and accommodating, thus allowing for a lustrous vitreous enamel finish to be applied to the inside of your brand new cast iron bath.

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